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Advanced Design: Cheese Monkeys


This was the final project in my advanced design class. We were given the task to create a book cover and movie poster for the novel The Cheese Monkeys, written by Chip Kidd.

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Advanced Design: Speed Project One


This was a speed project we did in class, we were given 48 hours to create album artwork, without any typography, based on a song we listened to in class.

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Advanced Design: Zuvier Chocolat


This was the second project in Advanced Design. We had to create a candy store, complete with a storefront, meaning posters, logo, and signage. I came up with the idea for a high-class candy company, similar to Godiva. For this project I went out and did some of my own photography to enhance the look and feeling of my final product.

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Branding: Expedition Portal


This was the first project in my branding class. We were given the task to create a travel agency, with the catch being,it was a time-travel agency. I came up with the idea of using portals to travel through time to my assigned event, which was the 2006 World Cup. And thus, Expedition Portal was created.

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Branding: Rising Star co. (826 National)


This was the second project in Branding. We were told to create a new branch of 826 National, a non-profit tutoring center that funds its tutoring services with a playful storefront that sells quarky items. I was assigned the city of Nashville, and after doing some research, I found the city has a long history of music, with its nick-name being Music City, and from that Rising Star co was created. A store that would sell qualities that every rising music star should have.

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Branding: DeWolf Tavern


This was the final project in Branding. For this project we had to reach out to local businesses and see if they were interested in a re-branding. By no means do they have to use anything we make, but it was a hypothetical client and designer partnership. I reached out to DeWolf Tavern, a local restaurant in Bristol, and rebranded them, complete with a new and improved logo, a general flyer, an special event flyer, a new menu, signage, and business cards.